There is a designated delivery/service entrance on the east side of the building that leads to the service elevator. There are absolutely no deliveries allowed through the main/front (aka Circle Drive) entrance to the building. In the event that you or one of your vendors have a quick delivery, we request that they use the loading dock or visitor’s parking area in the parking garage.

During the business day there is a strict thirty (30) minute delivery time limit at the loading dock. In the event your delivery is expected to take longer than thirty (30) minutes you will need to contact the Management Office to schedule your delivery. All after-hour deliveries must be arranged in advance with the Management Office.

All hand carts, dollies, etc., whether they are used by a vendor or tenant, must use the service elevator which is located in the same hallway as the mail room. No hard carts are to go through the main lobby of the building. If you need to take something out to your car that requires a hand cart or dollie, please move your car to the loading dock and load the items there. Once completed, please be sure and move your car out of the loading dock.

The Landlord will not be liable for injury or damage to any person or property as a result of tenant deliveries or move-ins.

Tower Place Tenant Info


Tower Place at The Summit


1900 Summit Tower Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32810

Management - (407) 875-0505
Leasing - (407) 540-7728
After Hours Emergency Answering Service -
(866) 766-9573

Tower Place Security - (407) 256-9667