1. If you wish to dispose of trash (other than that which is in your wastebasket), please obtain trash stickers from your Office Manager. (Office Managers can request these stickers from the management office.) We have specially printed stickers that need to be placed on all items that will not fit in wastebaskets but need to be discarded. Please do not make up signs or write “trash” on boxes. In order to alleviate the possibility of throwing something away in error, our janitorial crew has been instructed not to throw items away that do not have the specialty sticker. Please note if there is no sticker on the item, it will not be removed.

2. All boxes must be broken down by your office. Our janitorial crew does not have the time or resources to break down the overwhelming amount of boxes that are left out for trash each night. Please break down all boxes. For example, if you have 5 boxes, please break down each one and place a specialty trash sticker on top of the pile of broken down boxes. If the boxes contain packing styrofoam it needs to be removed and placed in a trash bag. Packaging styrofoam will be handled as space permits, as it does not compact in our compactor.

3. Certain items whether they are marked with a trash sticker or not cannot be removed. These items include (but are not limited to) wooden pallets, computer monitors, furniture, broken furniture (including chairs), file cabinets, microwaves, etc. Our compactor is not set up to accommodate these types of items. You will need to make alternate arrangements with an outside company to removal/disposal of these types of items.

4. When you are expecting a delivery of items that are on pallets or in large boxes, please make arrangements with your delivery company for removal of these packaging items before the company leaves the property.

5. Broken down boxes, trash, etc. need to be left inside your tenant premises for disposal. Please do not leave these items in the corridors or service elevator landing as it is again both City and County fire code.

6. In the event you anticipate that you will have a considerable amount of trash to discard, the office manager from each suite can contact the call center and put in a work order for a gray tub to be delivered. A gray tub will be delivered as soon as one is available. We can empty this cart twice per day. However, it must be picked up by no later than 3:00 p.m. each day and cannot be returned after that. In the event you feel you might have more than a couple of carts full of trash, then special arrangements can be made in advance to bring in a construction dumpster (space permitting) or to have an extra pull of the compactor. Both of these items are billable and pricing can be provided in advance.

7. Recycling – Please note that there is no need for special recycling containers within your office(s). Once trash is collected from our site, it is sorted at the plant for recycling.

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